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Student Services



In line with the school’s commitment to the integral development of the students, it formulates and implements a comprehensive student services program. This program includes a variety of activities and services to complement the academic life of the students.


  1. Meet the needs of the students necessary for their optimal development.
  2. Provide opportunities to the students for experiential learning so that they are better prepared for a life outside the academe.
  3. Initiate programs that would promote leadership skills, formation of values, professionalism and social responsibility of the students.
  4. Provide an atmosphere conducive for students to participate actively and avail of the opportunities that would facilitate personal and social development.

The following are the services offered by the school:

Health Services

The following Health Services are offered through the School Clinic:

  1. Medical and dental examinations.
  2. Consultation of students and personnel.
  3. Notification, through proper authorities, parents and guardians of the students’ health conditions when necessary or in emergency cases.
  4. Referral of students who need specialized medical/dental treatment to the school physician/dentist.
  5. Issuance of medical certificate as needed like exemption from involvement in certain co-curricular activities and athletes’ requirements.
  6. First-aid seminars and lectures on personal hygiene, sanitation and safety measures.
  7. Provision for Occupational Safety and Health Standards like disaster risk reduction management and control.
  8. Blood-typing and Blood pressure monitoring as requested.
  9. Safekeeping and maintenance of health records.

Library Services

The library is a service center, reading center, material production center, and most importantly teaching-learning center. The library should be the center of a school being an integral and indispensable part of it.


  1. Provide adequate library collections or resources to its clientele.
  2. Make instructional materials available and accessible to teachers and learners.
  3. Extend assistance to students and teachers seeking materials or information on specific topics.
  4. Conduct orientation to the students on the proper use of library materials and its facilities.
  5. Facilitate the procurement of books selected by teachers and academic heads.
  6. Loaning of books, periodicals, and other sources of information such as maps, pamphlets and others.
  7. Maintain a vertical file collection, which includes clippings, brochures on various topics, local history collections, government publications and supplementary maps from periodicals and magazines.
  8. Provide Internet Services to students.

Guidance Services

The Guidance Office aims to provide professional assistance to complement the needs of administrative, academic and non-academic sectors. It offers the following services and programs:


  1. Counseling
    • It is a process in which counselor assists students toward better understanding of themselves and their environment and encourage them to assume responsibility for making decisions which will lead to satisfactory adjustment or acceptable resolutions of problems being considered.
  2. Individual Inventory Service
    • This is designed to gather data about students to enable the counselor, teacher, and administrator to understand the students better.
  3. Information Service
    • This service makes available to students certain kinds of information not ordinarily provided through the instructional program.
  4. Placement Service
    • Placement service is intended to provide the students with information and assistance regarding occupational and educational opportunities for self-realization and help them in their adjustment to curriculum programs.
  5. Testing Service
    • This is designed to enhance deeper understanding of self. The strengths and weaknesses in the areas of personality, abilities and aptitudes are assessed through the use of standardized tests.
  6. Follow-up Service
    • This service is designed to maintain proper assistance to students by keeping track of their performance in the college both behavioral and academic.
  7. Research and Evaluation
    • This service is designed primarily to translate the different data gathered by the Guidance Center into a qualitative description. The researches and evaluations would aid in establishing proper educational programs which would benefit as well as improve the college system.


  1. Orientation of Entering Freshmen and Transferees
    • This program introduces the freshmen and transferees to the academic atmosphere of the college at the same time giving them a chance to get to know other students for an easier and gradual adjustment to college life.
  2. Career Guidance Program
    • Proper orientation about Notre Dame of Tacurong College is given to high school graduating students in feeder schools. Visitation and giving talks to graduating high school students, distribution of posters and showing of pictures of NDTC building and facilities are the strategies in this program.
  3. Lecture Series
    • To further enrich the activities conducted during the academic enrichment program, the Guidance Center provides the lecture series program. Current issues and topics on social, personal, emotional and moral growth are given for the total development of students.
  4. Peer Counseling Program
    • Peer Counseling Program gives opportunity for the students to provide assistance to their peers usually of the same age, to improve their social functioning or to help them cope with problems. Selected students are trained in the field of facilitating and counseling to be able to do their tasks efficiently and effectively as peer counselors.
  5. Seniors’ Occupational Preparation Program
    • The main objective of this program is to prepare the graduating students become better equipped in their search for job as soon as they have successfully stepped out of college.

Food Services

The school provides food services through the school canteens which serve variety and nutritious meals and snacks affordable to students, personnel and visitors. Amenities are likewise provided such as spacious eating area, cold drinking fountains, cable-television sets, wi-fi access, clean and sanitary environment.

Bookstore, Printing and other Income Generating Services

Bookstore, printing and other income generating services are provided to the students who may need any of the following:

  1. Textbooks as prescribed or required by the teachers.
  2. School supplies
  3. School uniforms
  4. Photocopying
  5. I.D. cards
  6. Others

Campus Ministry Services

The Campus Ministry Office provides programs and services for the development of the total person rooted in the person of Christ and Catholic spirituality of which the primary concern is the realization of the mission of the school on pastoral collaboration with the local church. These are designed to develop the desired values and attitudes of a truly Catholic and authentic Christian person. They are implemented through activities learned in Religious Education classes and witnessing of Christian faith and life.

Regular activities include the administration of Sacraments which are centered on the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, feasts and solemnities, Marian devotions, retreats, recollections and consultation for students, personnel, and parents.

Campus Ministry services include catechism classes in the public schools and other spiritual enrichment apostolates.

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