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SIBOL 2018: A Carnival of Diverse Cultures Around the World

Notre Dame of Tacurong College Senior High School Department celebrates its second intramurals on October 15- 18, 2018 which was organized by the SSG officers under the guidance of their moderator, Ms. Clarissa May Nacionales. The said event had different sports and socio- cultural competitions. It started off with the Holy Mass, which was offered for the success of the event. During afternoon, the students gathered for the grand opening program entitled “ Carnaval de Sibol”, wherein contestants and candidates coming from the five teams namely: Oceanian Voyagers ( STEM 11 and GAS 11), European Olympians (STEM 12), African Shamans( HUMSS 12), Asian Triumvirates( ABM 11 and 12) and American Inuits ( HUMSS 11) were acknowledged. The lighting of the torch was led by the cosplayers from each team, portraying the natives of the various places they represent. In a flash,  symbols were up in the poles as the team banners were raised by the team leaders teacher representatives. It was followed by the most awaited International Festival Dance participated by all the students even under the light showers of rain. The field was painted with beautiful combinations of colors as they showcased their talents. When the skies were getting dark, it was the time to sing along and jump because it was time for the battle of the bands.

The following day of the event started off with a community dance after which the students aced the simultaneous indoor and outdoor games and sports activities as they kick, throw and run for first place. There were also quiz bee and doodle making contests, a battle of knowledge and creativity. It was like a carnival was brought inside the school as the different fun theme booths had their own strategies to entertain. Students enjoyed the afternoon contests of lyrical hip-hop, solo singing, team ballroom and theatrical lip synchronization which encomprises the activity entitled “ The Greatest Showdown”, an impressive display of talents and skills in the theme of the Greatest Showman. The highlight of the night was the production number, jean’s wear and talent presentation of the candidates for AOS.

On the third day, the students started the day with the participation in the Dancercise ‘18. After that, the whole morning was spent by the continuation of the different games along with the essay writing and hip-hop contests. The most anticipated event, the Search for the Ambassador of Senior High School 2018, commenced at late afternoon. The gymnasium was filled with loud cheering crowds with different colored banners, balloons, flaglets, and tarpaulins. The air was filled with loud excitement and pressure as all are hoping their candidates’ victory. From the beginning until the coronation of Ambassadors, the support of the teams for their candidates were undying, winner or not.

The SHS Intramurals 2018 started with a bang, and the last day was memorable as well. Smiles and happiness were seen on the faces of the students as they claim their trophies and medals during the awarding ceremony. It was indeed with a mesmerizing fireworks display followed with a rave party that everyone enjoyed with balloons of different shapes, upbeat music, smoke and beautiful lights were everywhere. The students danced, sang and jumped with the beat like it was the last party of their lives. It was truly a success, one marvelous event that the seniors will never forget.

Photo credits: Czar Japhet Deles

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