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The Student Activity Program has been designed to enrich the curricular program of the department. It aims to develop the talents, interests, leadership skills, initiative, sense of responsibility, social and spiritual awareness of the pupil. It also provides the pupil with opportunities for learning in informal settings, moral and social awareness through outreach activities and exposure visits thus contributing to the total development of students.

The different activities are implemented under the supervision of the Pupil Activity Coordinator and Club Moderators.

Each pupil is encourage to be a member of any existing club and is entitled to utmost two academic and one non-academic club membership. However, a pupil should hold a major office (President or Treasurer) of only one (1) club. This is to give opportunities for others to also hold positions in clubs and organizations, to avoid overlapping of duties and activities, and develop more leadership potentials.

SPG officers are not allowed to hold office in any clubs or organizations. However, membership to two academic and one non-academic club is allowed.

Officers of each club may come from all levels.

Supreme Pupil Government

This organization is recognized as the official representative of the Student Body in the department. This Council is responsible in coordianting all co-curricular activities of the school. This aims to train potential leaders that will help in implementing the policies of the school and the department, as provided in the handbook. It also seeks to promote the individual and group welfare of the students fostering friendship, loyalty, cooperation and good school spirit among the members of the different clubs and classes.

Academic Clubs

  • Samahang Hiyas ng Lahi
  • Science Club
  • Mathematics Club
  • English Club

Non-academic Clubs

  • Lads and Lasses
  • Sports Club
  • Peer Facilitators Club
  • Book Lovers Club

The Classroom Organizations

Other Organizations

  • Knights of the Altar
  • Choir
  • Lectors
  • Drum and Lyre Corp (Glockenspiel)


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