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The school recognizes the existence and the services of several student organizations. With the school’s Vision-Mission serving as their guiding principles, these organizations help their members to get opportunities to serve their fellow students, the academe and the community; develop skills or talents; and learn to communicate and relate with others.

Nature of Organization

The Recognized Student Organizations foster brotherhood among the members through their activities. The activities vary with the type or nature of each organization.

  1. Departmental Clubs/Organizations
    All students taking up a specific major are automatically members of existing academic organizations in their respective department. These groups center their activities on the development of academic excellence outside the classrooms which include symposia, forums, educational field trips, tutorials, film viewings, quiz contests and exhibits.
  2. Social Clubs/Organizations
    Besides being members of an academic association, students are required to be part of at least one organization that is non-academic in nature. Their activities include performing arts, social and civic duties, church activities, nature tripping, sports or any recreational activity.Social clubs are categorized into:

    • Religious Clubs – is an organization composed of students belonging to the same faith which provides spiritual enrichment activities and services to its members.
    • Peer Groups – is composed of individuals approximately of the same status and interest.
    • Special Interests Groups – is composed of individuals sharing the same special talents and skills.

Central Student Council

The Central Student Council is the highest legitimate governing Body of the student government which embodies school’s ideals. It promotes student welfare through national consciousness, social awareness and sense of responsibility among the students.
Election of officers who will serve for the following school year is held towards the end of the second semester.

Departmental Clubs/Organizations

  • ACES – Association of Computer Engineering Students
  • Finance Club
  • JHARA – Junior Hotier and Restauranteurs Association
  • JMC – Junior Mentors Club
  • JPIA – Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants
  • JPMA – Junior Philippine Marketing Association
  • JSC – Junior Secretaries Club
  • JSWAP – Junior Social Work Association of the Philippines
  • Math Club
  • PMC – Peacemaker Club
  • PNSA – Philippine Nursing Student Association
  • PSITS – Philippine Society of Information Technology Students
  • UPScieSt – Union of Political Science Students

Social Clubs/Organizations

  • Campus Chorus
  • Catechetical Guild
  • Colegio De Sessionistas
  • Honor Society
  • Junior Ecologist Movement
  • Karate-do
  • Kristianong Kabataan para sa Bayan
  • Muslim Student Organization
  • Peer Counslors Club
  • Student Personnel Association
  • Teatro Balintataw
  • Vantage View
  • Youth for Christ
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